start. 1k row + db thrusters tabata

1k row 4:36
10# db – 38

sore from training yesterday. warmed up a bit. started too fast on the row. difficult to go past 8 presses with the db. more rest, less work.

bring it.



I got busy and stopped posting here. Back again. I am still thinking about getting a coaching session with a cross fit trainer here in Holland.

I think it would help me with the lifts. I’m pretty tentative.
5 rounds 500m row
15 overhead squats (20lbs)
row splits 2:20; 2:26; 2:18; 2:19; 2:15 (I’m pleased with the inverted splits)

total 24:28

a little cautious on the overhead squats. there’s a pinchy spot in my left shoulder that does not like this.

efficiency and fun

Like this one, many of the cross-fit workouts are named for soldiers killed in action. I needed to work late on a brief, got to the gym by 9:30 pm and was out of there by 10:00 on closing time, sweating bullets. Very efficient.

[B]Buttercups for Daniel:[/B]

 For Time – 15 Pull-ups [40kg assist] 200 meter run (>10k/hr pace on treadmill) 20 pound Thruster, 10 reps 400 meter run 20 pound Thruster, 10 reps 200 meter run 15 Pull-ups

Having left the Work-out instructions on my desk, I accidentally added a set of pullups before the 400 meter run. Bonus!! 8:50 minutes WU/CD 10 min. Bike ride to gym; bike ride home

[I]These were really tough – thrusters are squats with a barbell on your pecs, then stand up and push the bar up to shoulder presses. Repeat. [/I]

[B]food [/B]- okay. coffee & milk, banana, tuna sandwich on brown bread, salad, roasted chicken, cauliflower, coffee, mounds chocolate bar, sardines on melba toast, sports drink before lifting. Am now debating whether to eat more before I go walk the dog. TTFN Looking forward to the weekend.

how can I make today better than yesterday?

Excerpt from a guest writer on Tim Ferris’s blog:

Help me get my $%!^ in shape…ask me once a day: “Was today better than yesterday?” (nutrition / exercise) – today: YES!

When I read this I realized that it was the ticket to getting in shape. I recognized it from the big problems I have successfully solved in my life. The secret is to focus on making whatever it is you’re trying to improve and make better today than it was yesterday. That’s it. It’s easy. And, as Erik was, it’s possible to be enthusiastic about taking real, tangible steps toward a distant goal.

dumb questions & learning curve

the only dumb question is the one unasked.

so how should I understand these instructions?

25-20-15 and 10 reps

I did puppies of Annie, but singles (and no help from the stupid dog (pictured, he’s now three), who can’t jump – no matter what he thinks)

Like this: 25 jumps, then 10 situps, then 20 jumps then 10 situps

right? or should I have done as many situps as jumps?

next question: stop at 15 jumps (and situps) or continue to do another set of 10 jumps (and situps)

4:37, including yelling at the dog to get out of the way.

I wasn’t sure if I needed to do another set: so I did them 10-10 (:52, AGAIN includes teaching dog to jump)

Being new is so much fun.


Turns out I am way too literal in reading instructions. I distinguished between a dash and the use of the conjunction and.

Helpful Reply:

Hey, for the reps for the sets; if the sets are like your example (25-20-15 and 10 reps):

25 jumps/25 situps
20 jumps/20 situps
15 jumps/15 situps
10 jumps/10 situps

Usually you can take the workouts at face value, unless they specifically say to do the first exercise ‘X’ number of times, and the second ‘Y’ number of times, you apply the numbers to all the exercises.


What does Crossfit say about warmups?  Courtesy of


(And like your dad, I’m gonna remind you that the main site: is a WEALTH of information.

But if you’re too lazy to click a link . . . here it is:

The “official” CrossFit Warm-up is in the April 2003 CrossFit Journal.

3 rounds of 10-15 reps of
Samson Stretch (do the Samson Stretch once each round for 15-30 seconds)
Overhead Squat with broomstick

Note that for a workout that’s dip or pullup-centric, you might want to do something else in the warmup.

Note, that’s a lot of work.  That is 30-45 pullups.  In a way, you might say that this isn’t just a warmup, it’s a Big Dog warmup.  Unless you’re super fit, this may be too much for you, even at a moderate pace. 

So also see this:

Also note the context of the “official” warmup: It was a recommendation by Coach Glassman, with regard to designing a crossfit warmup.  That said, variety is the spice of life and one of the foundations of Crossfit.  As you progress you’ll learn to warm up in a variety of ways.

WODs scaled: start where you are

I am teaching myself cross-fit principles and techniques. I want to live the 100-words of world-class fitness. I found www.crossfitbrandx. com through the main site as a place offering a warm welcome to beginners like me.

I am interested in scaled WODs and a lifetime of fitness.  I will run my first half-marathon next month. I’ve completed three sprint-distance tri’s. I’ve found a great deal of success eating in the Paleo Zone.  Next year’s goals include an Oly distance tri, a Half Ironman, and if I can raise the funds, a full Ironman.  I want to train for these endurance events without overtraining or compromising my health.

So, Friday I finally started.   My mantra: start where I am.  

“baby barbara” – self-scaled ‘cuz I got tired of waiting.  This is my FIRST WOD ever.

WU Samsons x2

My scaling –

Three rounds, not five (ran out of time & needed to go to swim class)
I did the pull-ups with 40kg assist
I did the push-ups with knees on stability ball or BOSU
#Reps as Rx’d.

1: 11:26
2: 10:02
3: 10:18

45 minutes lap swimming with master swim class

Doing the WOD caused me to sweat profusely.  It was more intense than it seemed on the surgace.

What I learned next is that I had scaled the exercises differently that others recommend.   One fellow suggested:

3 min rounds is about right.  Barbara should be scaled to keep your rounds around 3 min or less . TP gave me this tip and it has made a big difference in this WOD for me.

No need to wait for the scaled post or DIY:  I can search for when the WOD appeared before and see how it was scaled then.

Saturday: rest day.

Next Tip. Time & Intensity count. No staring at the bar. 

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program.  We were talking about intensity today at the Brand X Health and Fitness Challenge.  Intensity is where we get the best adaption.  Intensity is what sets us apart from other strength and conditioning programs.  Intensity can be measured by our power output.  Power is defined as force times distance divided by time and is written, P = F X D/ T.  You are the engine that provides the power.  Long slow workouts have a low power output.  They are not intense.  Short, furiously paced workouts have a high power output.  Guess what, when you stomp on the gas pedal and tell your body to produce more power it is uncomfortable, painful even.  How much of that discomfort you can handle will be directly related to how much intensity you can bring to the workout.  Now its fine to occasionally move through one of the named WODs slowly at the required weight.  But the CrossFit Girls are not just about moving the Rx’d weight they are about moving the required weight, over the proscribed range of motion efficiently, effectively, safely, and FAST.  That my friends is a CrossFit workout as Rx’d.  Diane at 15 minutes has missed the point.  Fran at 12 minutes with 95 pounds has missed the point.  The posts should probably read “I did the required weight for this workout really, really slowly with little metabolic impact.“  Pursue discomfort.  Scale the WOD’s so that the pursuit is a sprint, headlong, lungs gasping, heart hammering, muscle quaking, vision blurring.  That’s where you will find the Girl as Rx’d.

Today we are doing Diane.  Diane at a good clip is an under 6:00 workout.  A great time is under 4:00.  World class is under 2:00. 

Sunday I ran 800*14 (5 minute pace, 2:40 rest) followed by 90 minutes masters swim.

I caught up on Monday:


20kg Deadlift
Bridged Handstand push-ups on knees

Mixed up the reps – mine went 12-9-15 and then 10 more with a higher bridge for the pushups. I utterly failed the “record keeping” department when I turned OFF the stopwatch.  Under 5 minutes though.  Went back for 10 more of each.

Once again, this seemed much easier while I was doing it than immediately afterwards. I was sweating and my legs were shaking. Even after showering.

Back for more today!