dumb questions & learning curve

the only dumb question is the one unasked.

so how should I understand these instructions?

25-20-15 and 10 reps

I did puppies of Annie, but singles (and no help from the stupid dog (pictured, he’s now three), who can’t jump – no matter what he thinks)

Like this: 25 jumps, then 10 situps, then 20 jumps then 10 situps

right? or should I have done as many situps as jumps?

next question: stop at 15 jumps (and situps) or continue to do another set of 10 jumps (and situps)

4:37, including yelling at the dog to get out of the way.

I wasn’t sure if I needed to do another set: so I did them 10-10 (:52, AGAIN includes teaching dog to jump)

Being new is so much fun.


Turns out I am way too literal in reading instructions. I distinguished between a dash and the use of the conjunction and.

Helpful Reply:

Hey, for the reps for the sets; if the sets are like your example (25-20-15 and 10 reps):

25 jumps/25 situps
20 jumps/20 situps
15 jumps/15 situps
10 jumps/10 situps

Usually you can take the workouts at face value, unless they specifically say to do the first exercise ‘X’ number of times, and the second ‘Y’ number of times, you apply the numbers to all the exercises.